Take a PAUSE and get present with yourself...

When was the last time you spent a few minutes doing NOTHING?

Pausing isn't easy. In everyday life, we constantly rush to fulfill all our roles, yet there's one role we tend to neglect – being present with self.

Pausing is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with ourselves and in addition – every process of internal work begins by making the choice to pause, conduct an intimate meeting with ourselves and take the opportunity to introspect.

Our ability to be present with ourself determines our ability to be present with others.

Whether we like it or not, life sometimes forces us to take a pause: the death of a relative, illness, a farewell, economic crisis or a change in the family.

However, we can make a conscious choice to pause, breathe and ask – how am I doing?


Being present with your breath can...

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  • Bring you back to your center
  • Align your mind, body, and spirit
  • Assist you in getting to know yourself better

It’s not easy to prioritize time for the things that matter most...

We live in a world with so many distractions... people vying for our time, social media being so tempting, and more responsibilities than ever before.

But, PAUSE can change that!

In just ONE hour a week, you can build a muscle that will help you experience calm on a more consistent basis and allow you to be more resilient when life presents challenges.

You'll enjoy being with yourself more and loved ones will notice the difference in your energy.

About PAUSE...

PAUSE is a free one hour virtual experience. While there is a brief meditation during PAUSE, it is not a meditation class.

It's a series of facilitated activities using a system called Points of You.

The system is a series of picture cards that reflect aspects of you back to you.

Using the cards as a focus.  the pausing process allows us to peel off our external layers, listen and take a look at ourselves, away from the automatic patterns that compose our daily routine.

Hi, we're Maddox and Dwight,

your PAUSE practitioners.

We are business partners and life partners. We collaborate on a variety of projects. We are Social Intelligence Coaches, founders of Authentic Events, and hosts of Authentic Friends & Adventures, a social and group travel membership community.

We work with humans that want more depth and
meaning in their relationships and social lives.

You can visit our Home page here for more information about us and our offerings.

Join us for this free one hour virtual experience!
PAUSE happens every Wednesday at 9 AM CT.

Are you ready to relax, make some new connections, and get to know yourself better?

You only have to register once and you can attend as often as you like.